Sunday 1 October 2023

Things Unassurde

Stulti sunt qui pro certis incerta sequuntur,  
Et qui pro dubiis quae sunt manifesta relinquunt.
Dulcia sed remanent longaeuae praemia famae.
Hoc certe nil est, cum tu post funera nil sis.
Fama quid est, si nil delectat fama sepultos?
That be but fooles that things assured,  
      for vnassurde will chaunge.  
Forsakyng thing assertainde here,  
      with doubtfull things to meete:  
But yet of olde, and auncient fame,  
      rewardes remaineth sweete.
Of little force this nothing art, for what is fame,
     yf it doe nought delight?
The corps in graue, what doth ye stone
     of stocke reioice in prayes?
Marzello Palingenio Stellato, Le zodiaque de la vie (Zodiacus vitae) XII livres, ed. by Jacques Chomarat (Geneva: Droz, 1996), p.77 [III.164-68 Gemini]. The Zodiake of Life, trans. by Barnabe Googe (London: Imprinted by Henry Denham for Rafe Newberye, 1565), fol.E6v.