Medieval and Modern Latin Online Resources

Du Cange's Glossarium Ad Scriptores Mediae et Infimae Latinitatis

A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

The Morgan-Owens Neo-Latin Lexicon

Perseus: Latin Word Study Tool

Whitaker's Words Online

Ein Wörterbuch des Lateinischen von Petrarca bis 1700 (Johann Ramminger)

Other Reference Works:
Ad fontes: Adriano Cappelli's Lexicon abbreviaturarum

Euratlas: Digital Historical Cartography of Europe

Latin Place Names Found in the Imprints of Books Printed Before 1801

ORBIS LATINUS online [Latin place names]

Digital Texts (Curated Collections):
ALIM (Archivio della Latinità Italiana del Medioevo)

An Analytic Bibliography of On-line Neo-Latin Texts (Dana F. Sutton)

Biblioteca Italiana

Bibliotheca Augustana (Ulrich Harsch)

Bibliotheca Latina IntraText

Les Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes

CAMENA: Latin Texts of Early Modern Europe (Wilhelm Kühlmann)

Centre for Danish Neo-Latin (Danish Neo-Latin Heritage Corpus, Database of Nordic Neo-Latin Literature)

The Central and Eastern European Online Library

Contemporary Latin Poetry (Marc Moskowitz)

Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum: a digital library of Latin literature

CroALa: Croatiae auctores Latini bibliotheca electronica

digilibLT - Digital Library of late antique Latin texts

Early Modern Letters Online

Epistolæ: Medieval Women's Letters

Europeana. The European Digital Library.

Gallica. Bibliothèque nationale de France.

De Heinsius-Collectie

The Latin Library:

The Medieval Beastiary (David Badke)

Monumenta Germaniae Historica

Perseus Collection: Humanist and Renaissance Italian Poetry in Latin

Poetiditalia: Italian Poetry in Latin 13th-16th centuries

TERMINI - Vernetzter Wortschatz lateinischer Wissensliteratur der Frühen Neuzeit

Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum: Online Archive of Music Theory in Latin

Tirolensia Latina

The Universal Short Title Catalogue. University of St Andrews.

Digital Texts (Individual Authors and Texts):
The Aberdeen Bestiary - MS 24

Alciato's Book of Emblems

Bibliotheca Erasmiana Hispanica: Erasmus in Spanish Libraries (Julián Solana Pujalte)

Boethius: Consolatio Philosophiae

Bridging the Continental divide: online edition of Delitiae Poetarum Scotorum (1637)

Corpus of Ioannes Dantiscus' Texts & Correspondence (Anna Skolimowska, Magdalena Turska, Katarzyna Jasińska-Zdun)

Corpus Thomisticum

The Latin Josephus

Digital Libraries:
Polonia (National Library of Poland)
Mittelalterliche Handschriften in Österreich (Medieval Manuscripts in Austria)

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Other Resources:
Early Modern Resources

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Theoi Project: Greek mythology

Vatican News In Latin