About Me

David Ostiarius

I am David Andrew Porter (Ostiarius), an Associate Professor at Hunan Normal University. I am a scholar of comparative literature and an amateur Naturalist.

I use this website as a commonplace: for notes from my reading and observations of the natural world, especially near my home in the Yuelu District of Changsha, Hunan.

Most weeks I observe nature around Yuelu Mountain (嶽麓山), a place occupied by wandering scholars for thousands of years. I also often perambulate along the Xiang river (湘江), and around the nearby and Wangling Park (王陵公園), which was once used for the family tombs of the King of Changsha in the Western Han Dynasty.

I am very interested in Latin satire and comedy, early modern philosophy and poetry, and 20th-century literature.

My official academic page at Hunan Normal University: here