Wednesday 23 August 2023

Plain Prinia

Plain Prinia (Prinia inornata, 褐头鹪莺).

This picture was taken by Xianjia Lake (咸嘉湖) on March 14th. In early March, I could infrequently hear the prinias' clicking tail feathers as they travelled around the lakeside reeds, scouring after insects. Throughout April and May there were prinias singing boisterously and competitively on open perches everywhere along the riverside. Later in the dense summer heat their songs grew less frequent. Rarely now do I see them: they have become busy, quiet and invisible. But today, on Chushu (處暑) which marks the end of summer's heat, I saw a young pair near where i had taken this picture. But I don't expect I will see anymore during this serotinal season.

Plain Prinia at Xianjia Lake