Friday 11 August 2023

Calvatia boninensis

Year round there are fungi bursting from the red-brown dirt and dead vegetation throughout Yuelu Mountain (嶽麓山), though recently I have been seeing more and more puffball mushrooms appearing. One of the more common puffballs is the Calvatia boninensis (栗粒皮禿馬勃). Curiously this species is not included in either of my primary guides to Hunan macrofungi, though it is catalogued in 张平,邓华志,陈作红,李进忠, 湖南壶瓶山大型真菌 [Atlas of Macrofungi from Huping Mountain in Hunan] (长沙: 湖南科学技术出版社, 2015) p. 47.

Calvatia boninensis on Yuelu Mountain