Thursday 13 June 2024

Good and Better

Et hoc oro, ut caritas vestra magis ac magis abundet in scientia et in omni sensu [Phil 1,9]. Caritas abundat, idest crescit in scientiam, ut probare et discernere sciat homo non solum mala et bona, sed etiam inter bona et potiora.

“And this I pray, that your charity may more and more abound in knowledge, and in all understanding” (Philippians 1,9). Charity abounds, that is it grows into knowledge, so that a man may know how to examine and discern not only between good and evil, but also between good and better.
St. Anthony of Padua, Sermones Dominicales et in Solemnitatibus , ed. by Antonius Maria Locatelli et al ., 3 vols (Padua : Sodalitas Universalis Sancti Antonii Patavini Edit ., 1895 ), II, p. 553. From his Sermon on the Twenty-Second Sunday After Pencecost (III.17). My translation.

Marcantonio Bassetti - St Antony Reading
Marcantonio Bassetti - St Antony Reading