Friday 5 April 2024

Pierced Rock Slope

Pierced Rock Slope (穿石坡).

It was here during the Western Jin Dynasty, after the Duke of Changsha Tao Kan (妖蟒 259-334) shot the Python Demon (妖蟒) with an arrow, that he met the White Crane Maiden (白鹤姑娘) and pledged to meet her again 50 years later, according to her dying wish. Tao Kan was long delayed with government affairs so that he missed his appointment. Late in coming, Tao waited for 81 days at the appointed place before he saw her at last. To prevent the White Crane Girl from longing for earthly attachments, a Bodhisattva requested Tao depart from her though a stone door. Tao forced his way through but when he looked back  he saw only this stone wall in front of him. Hence it is called ‘Chuanshipo’ or ‘Pierced Rock Slope’.

It is found along a mountain stream on
Yuelu Mountain, below a lake which is also named 'Chuanshipo'.

Pierced Rock Slope on Yuelu Mountain